Chapter Five

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Illustration by Adriel Begay

Happy July 1st! Chapter Five, Reginald LaKino Investigates, is now online. Green Bandit Press has now been live for over a month, and I am very grateful to all of the readers who have stuck with us this long. I’d like to give an extra special thanks to those of you who have told friends about this site.

That said, I’d like to build up Reginald LaKino’s web presence a little bit. As of the time I’m writing this, Green Bandit Press has 11 “likes” on FaceBook. I’d like that to be higher. I’m not greedy, and I know these things take time. But I also know that there are more than 11 of you reading this book. If you’ve been enjoying the ride, if you’ve liked Little Lost Dogs so far, please let the world know by hitting the “like” button on the right hand side of this site, or visiting Green Bandit Press’s FaceBook page here.

As a (very) little incentive, I’m willing to post Chapter Six a little early. Specifically, if I can double my FaceBook followers by July 6th, I’ll post Chapter 6 on Thursday the 7th instead of Friday the 8th. Whaddya say? Are you game?

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Chapter Four

Illustration by Adriel Begay

Yes, it’s Friday, and that means it’s time for Chapter Four: There’s No Such Thing As Werewolves. What’s that creature in the illustration then? Not a werewolf. Clearly.

Site News
The Table of Contents link in the menu bar at the top is now a drop-down menu. It does not auto-update, so I will be adding the most recent chapter by hand, usually about 8 to 10 hours after the new chapter is posted.

Stay tuned next week, when Reggie actually gets around to investigating something.

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Full Moon Monster Movie Reviews Are Up!

For those of you who’ve been asking, I’m pleased to present the review for The Tingler. I’ve also got a new page to house all the reviews (it’s up there in the menu, but you can reach it directly by clicking here). You can use these pages to suggest future movies for my wife and I to watch, or to discuss your own feelings on the movies we have watched.

See you all Friday, for Chapter Four.

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Chapter Three

Illustration by Adriel Begay

Your patience has been rewarded. Here’s Chapter Three: The Bonami Fiasco. What has Reggie gotten himself into? That does not look comfortable.


Some of you may already have noticed that there is now a “Donations” button on the right hand side of the site. It’s below the first ad box, and above the second one. Yeah, that’s it, the yellow Pay Pal button that says “Donate.” Clicking on that button will transport you to a wondrous world of… who am I kidding? It’s a Tip Jar. If you like the site, if you feel moved to spend money, please do so. Otherwise, please keep reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy each weekly installment.

Things start to get really hairy next week in Chapter 4. See you Friday, June 24.

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June’s Full Moon Part III

Image Credit: NASA

Image Credit: NASA

Tonight’s the night. If you happen to live on the opposite side of the globe from me, you may have been able to see a spectacular Total Lunar Eclipse.

Since I won’t be seeing the eclipse live, I’ll be watching The Tingler at home. I like to think that some of my readers might be, too. Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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June’s Full Moon Part II

Last week, I wrote to tell you all about our monthly tradition of the Full Moon Monster Movie Night. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with suggestions! The movie my wife and I will be watching this Wednesday, June 15th, was suggested by reader Amy P, and stars Vincent Price. The movie? Find out after the jump!

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Chapter Two

Illustration by Adriel Begay

Behold, Chapter Two: At the Brew Hound. It’s a chapter about a nice, calm morning at a coffee house. I’m sure the gentleman whose forearm dominates the above illustration is just bringing out a refill. Continued after the jump.

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June’s Full Moon

In our house we have a monthly tradition: Every full moon we watch a monster movie. Recent selections have ranged from campy classics (“The Blob”), to high budget blockbusters (“I Am Legend”), and from horror (“Alien”), to action (the “Underworld” trilogy), to comedy (“Mars Attacks!”). Continued after the jump

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Cover, Prologue, and First Chapter

Cover by Adriel Begay

Here it is! Above is the cover art for Little Lost Dogs. Clicking it will take you to a larger version of the image. Clicking on that will take you to the Title Page, from which you can reach the Table of Contents. More after the jump.

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Phoenix Comicon

If you’re here because you found a business card at PHXCC this weekend, thanks for visiting! In one week, I’ll be publishing the first chapter of Little Lost Dogs, and you’ll get to meet Sam and Reggie. Please stay tuned over the next week, I’ll be putting up new pages, and some chapter art by Adriel Begay.  Here’s a thumbnail, a little preview of what’s to come:


Road Trip!

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