Late Monday Post

Sorry this is later than last week, but my good friend Brian shared this link this afternoon, and it was the perfect pickup for a long Monday. I hope you enjoy.

/Green Bandit Out

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There’s No Such Thing as Superheroes [Excerpt]

Excerpt from …Superheroes by WHR Soland

“Absolutely not, Sam,” Reggie said, waving his hand at me.

“Hear her out,” I pled.

“What’s to hear?” Reggie asked. “You said it’s another missing kid. That’s all I need to know. Do you remember what happened the last time?”

“You haven’t had a case since the last time, son” I pointed out. Reggie gave me a withering look. Reginald LaKino was a private detective. I was his landlord. The “last time” to which he referred was the missing-persons case he’d had two months earlier. He claimed it had been a disaster. I was growing weary of building the kid’s confidence about it. He hadn’t screwed up that badly. Besides, rent was due.
“You did find that boy,” I continued.

“Dead,” he replied.

“If it makes you feel better, he was probably already like that when Lupé hired you.” Reggie just stared at me. “C’mon, Sherlock,” I sighed. “Laura would really appreciate the favor.”

“Oh,” Reggie glared at me. “If it would help your new girlfriend out, then of course I’ll walk straight into another royally epic fail.”

“We’re not—”

“She wants to be. This is how it goes, Sam. The cute young attorney from legal aid offers to help the rakish, wealthy widower to study for the Bar. They spend late nights together, then she starts asking for favors. Before you know it, you can get a personalized license plate for your Jag that reads ‘Sugar Daddy.’”

“You think I’m rakish?” I blinked.

“It’s fine if you want to be generous with your own time, money, and emotions, Sam. Just leave me out of it.”

“You need a job, Reggie.”

“And your non-profit friend is going to pay me?” He arched his eyebrow.

“If you take the job, you’ll get paid.” Reggie’s brown eyes flashed yellow at me. He snarled. I knew the full moon was coming soon. I knew what would happen then. He would spend three nights locked in my basement in the form of a hulking, supernatural coyote. Nevertheless I met his gaze. He knew that if he bit me, he wouldn’t be getting his pet deposit back.

Want to read more? This story is on sale now.

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Something fun for your Monday morning: animals sticking their tongues out. (Thanks to reader Gw7en for sending this my way!)

Please remember to check out the Green Bandit Press store for all your Sam & Reggie needs.

/Green Bandit out.

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At Long Last, Reggie’s Shorts!

Greetings Reggiphiles! Regheads? Solanders? Green Bandits? What’s the collective term for a Reginald LaKino fan? Anyway, hello. It’s been two years since I first published Little Lost Dogs on this site, and people have often asked me for two things: 1) a hard copy of the book; and 2) more of Sam and Reggie. While a “dead tree” edition of Little Lost Dogs is not yet a reality, I can offer you three short tales of Reggie’s adventures, exclusively in printed form! These three tales, “…Superheroes,” “…Ghost Riders in the V.C.,” and “…Dogs Playing Poker,” will appear in the upcoming collection of short stories I’m working on called “There’s No Such Thing as….” And they are all now available for you to purchase in the Green Bandit Press Store!

I hope to add more to the store over the coming weeks, but I figured it was high time I put these up here. They have only previously been available for sale at last year’s TusCon. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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Phoenix Comicon 2013!

I should have posted this earlier. It’s been a busy five or six months since I posted last. And most of that had nothing to do with writing or getting anything useful done for this site. But now Convention Season is officially on us, and I need to make an announcement:

I will be at Phoenix Comicon 2013!

I will not, however, have a table at Phoenix ComiCon. Nor will I be a guest. I will be a moderator. I’ve been told not to blog or post about the Con during the Con, but hey, the Con doesn’t start until noon today, so I’m posting now.

Here’s my schedule:

  • Friday
    • 10:30am, Room 121: Walter Koenig
    • 1:30pm, Room 132: Brandon Sanderson and the Wheel of Time
  • Saturday
    • Noon, Room 129B: Hell’s Kitty: How to Turn a Web Series into a Comic Book on a Shoestring Budget
    • 3:00pm, Room 125A: Hell’s Kitt! the Comic
  • Sunday
    • 4:30pm, Room 129A: K9 – From the Screen to this Panel

I’ll post my thoughts Monday, after it’s all done. Come see me!

/Green Bandit Out.

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Music and Marketing

I was listening to Pandora tonight when this song came on:

Not that rendition of it. Some sort of dubstep remix or something.

But I was overwhelmed with the urge to purchase diamonds. Despite the fact that I am very against diamonds, as is my wife, who would look at me very unhappily and make a “Marge-noise” if I gave her jewelry with diamonds. She would most likely suspect that I had been kidnapped and an android doppelgänger had been sent in my place to impersonate me.

In any event, it’s an interesting study in how music affects us and how effective marketing can be. I did not expect my brain to bring up a diamonds commercial while I was trying to write.

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TusCon Wrap Up

It took me longer to recover from TusCon than I thought it would. That’s okay. Some day life will intervene, and I won’t be posting at all for a while, and if my posting is regular now then it’ll make that day easier for you all to spot.

TusCon was a blast. I met lots of great new people, and actually made a few sales! Who knew anyone would like my work?

My only criticism was the the size. I didn’t discover until about a month before the convention that they deliberately limit the attendance to 500 to keep it “intimate.” And it was intimate. And I do feel like I got to know some people better than I would have if attendance had been, say, two or three times that number.

But the other thing I didn’t know until shortly before the convention was that, a week earlier, Tucson Comic-Con was happening. Somehow, in all my research of conventions in Arizona, “Tucson Comic-Con” never came up. Granted, it’s not as established as TusCon, being only 5 years old this year instead of 39.

But that got me to thinking. I spent the week leading up to TusCon in Tucson, getting ready. A lot of it was stuff I could have done well in advance, but hadn’t. Like getting licensed to do business in Tucson. Now that I know how all this stuff works, perhaps… perhaps I could travel to Tuscon Comic-Con, and then do TusCon, staying the week in between? Obviously the biggest problem with this plan is that I have no idea whether the two conventions will be so close together next year. For all I know, they’ll overlap.

By the beginning of next week, I hope to have a store up on this site so that you all out there in internet land can peruse my overstock. Some of it’s pretty cool. What I have the most of is hard copies of short stories that are continuations from “Little Lost Dogs.” Let me know whether you’re interested!

And don’t forget, “Little Lost Dogs” is now available in eBook form!

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TusCon: Day 2

Day two of TusCon 39 was just as satisfying as day one, and slightly more monetarily profitable. There were many costumes that I still failed to get decent pictures of. There were many Tom Baker scarves worn independently from any recognizable costume (including one worn along with a kilt). This trend continues today, on the 3rd and final day of the convention.

Some of you reading this today may, in fact, have met me over the last two days, and if so, I welcome you to the site!

I’ll post a complete con report after I return home, but I see my best customer from yesterday approach.


Don’t forget “Little Lost Dogs” is now available for Kindle and Nook!

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TusCon: Day One

It’s late, I’m exhausted, but I had a blast at the first day of TusCon39. I spoke with so many kind, intelligent, awesome people this afternoon. I met Steve Martindale, who, according to himself and Wikipedia, invented the term “technomancy.”

I can see why so many people at this convention are returners. They appear to have a film festival going all night! There’s some great and original cosplay. The hospitality suite is excellent (though perhaps not quite as excellent as one I remember from North America Disc World Convention in 2009). I did not get a chance to visit any of the panels, but I heard a lot of good things.

I’m just an independent, self-published author, but I was treated with kindness and respect by the convention staff.

And a guy dressed as Harry Dresden told me that Jim Butcher may be returning to TusCon next year….

More tomorrow!

PS: You know some kind of late night shenanigans are about to ensue when you hear a car door slam at one end of the alley, and then the sound of running footsteps coming from the other end, accompanied by a voice shouting “Wait! Wait! Wait wait wait!” Maybe Harold & Kumar are going to Nogales?

Don’t forget “Little Lost Dogs” is now available for Kindle and Nook!

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Thoughts on Animal Companionship

As promised, I consumed a good deal of alcohol last night. This isn’t a political website, so I won’t go into which races I drank to celebrate, and which I drank to forget. I spent most of today recovering, working on this here website, and watching our cat, Zoe Malaza, race randomly around the house in search of who-knows-what.

Zoe likes it here in Tucson, with my wife. She is, just barely, the newest addition to our household. We adopted her days after we got Ricardo Ancho, AKA “Ricky,” our second dog. Our older dog, Anaheim Bell, AKA “Ana,” never got along with the cats before. So when we discovered that Zoe was being fostered with bloodhounds, we were quite excited. And we were right to be. She plays, sleeps, and eats with our dogs. I know, I know, cats shouldn’t eat dog food, and we do try to discourage it, but what’s amazing to me is that when she tries, the dogs don’t rebuff her.

A while back, we thought it would be nice for Zoe to come down to Tucson and visit with my wife while she’s going to school. She hasn’t made it back to Flagstaff yet. This weekend she made it as far north as Phoenix before I came down, picked them both up, and drove them back down to Tucson. And I as worried about this.

I was worried because I didn’t know whether she might somehow forget our dogs. Or if the dogs would somehow forget her. Luckily, I’d brought the dogs with me to Phoenix (they’re staying with their grandparents and their Uncle Chile). Zoe remembered them. They remembered Zoe. There was some nervousness at first on the cat’s part. I think she was overwhelmed by the exuberance with which Ana and Ricky greeted her. But within days they were once again sharing beds and food.

Some people say cats don’t like anyone. Some people say dogs love everyone. But I know that Ana doesn’t get along with most cats. So it is amazing to me that this cross-species friendship continues to blossom. It makes me feel happy just to watch them all sleep, sometimes.

Good night.

PS: If any of you tried to get to the Kindle version of the book, and couldn’t, the link should work now!

Don’t forget “Little Lost Dogs” is now available for Kindle and Nook!

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