The Back Jacket

Melissa Dickerson:
“Samson Brown’s dreams of a quiet retirement in the Santa Fe art community derailed when he picked up a shaggy-haired hitchhiker in the middle of nowhere. At first he thinks that Reginald LaKino is just “a little off”. But as Sam is inexplicably maneuvered into helping solve a murder, he realizes that he doesn’t actually know much of anything about Reggie.

And as it turns out, “off” doesn’t quite cover it.”

Gwen Way:
“Soland and Reggie do for the southwest what Butcher and Dresden did for Chicago – bringing the dirty underworld out into open and giving it a supernatural twist.  This is a must read and I look forward to many more Reggie adventures!”

John Little:
“Little Lost Dogs is a fun murder mystery with just the right amount of a supernatural touch. If you imagine a younger, hipper Sherlock Holmes with an easygoing Sam Spade as a Watson while investigating local ghost stories, then you’ll be in the right neighborhood.”

Christopher J. Laguna:
“A Sherlock Holmes that bites! Wait…that sounds bad. A Sherlock Holmes with bite!”

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