About the Author:
WRH Soland has lived in Arizona his whole life, but has never really been able to figure out why. After winning the 2003 Samuel LaRue Finley Humorous Writing Competition, he decided to rest on his laurels. Between 2004 and 2007 he wrote nothing creative whatsoever, using the all too common excuse that he was busy attending law school. He currently lives, works, and plays near Flagstaff. When not sitting at his personal laptop, writing fiction, and updating his blog, Mr. Soland can most often be found sitting at his work laptop, writing letters, and checking his email. When not in the vicinity of any laptop, he enjoys hiking, camping, cooking, eating, and using his mobile phone to update his Twitter feed.

About the Illustrator:
Artist and Illustrator Adriel Begay has been drawing ever since he could hold a pencil. Originally from Greasewood, Arizona, Adriel now lives and works in Flagstaff. A man of many talents, Adriel works in pencil, charcoal, digital painting, photography, and hand-cut paper, just to name a few.