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Four Days ’til TusCon

It’s Monday night, November 5th. That means: There are fewer than nine hours before the polls open here in Arizona There are fewer than twenty-two hours before the polls close here in Arizona This time tomorrow night I’ll most likely … Continue reading

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From Window Rock, With Love

My job takes me to places far flung across northern Arizona. From Flagstaff, to Williams, to Tuba City, Kayenta, Chinle, Second Mesa, and Window Rock: the capitol of the Navajo Nation. I drive past some spectacular country, and some abject … Continue reading

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My Dogs Are Defective

My dogs enjoy barking. Really. Dog walking buy? They want to make their presence known. People down the street coming home late at night? They want to make sure our house is safe. Invisible raccoon? Woof woof woof. Trick or … Continue reading

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Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween to all my readers! I must admit, though I often have grand plans for a costume, I usually end up throwing something together at the last minute. Tonight, a certain national burrito chain is giving $2 boo-ritos for … Continue reading

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Countdown to TusCon, Nov 9-11

[Insert mandatory apology about how I haven’t been blogging here much lately in the last year.] [Continue with obligatory statement that I’ll “try to be better about it in the future.”] Blogging consistently may not be my strongest of suits, … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Day Two

Today’s [EDIT: Yesterday’s progress. This should have posted on the 2nd] progress report: I’ve broken 6,000 words, more than 1/10th of my monthly goal. Not bad for two days’ work. This first story is turning out to be, well, wouldn’t … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Day One

This year I’m engaging in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I’m not exactly playing by the rules, as I’m using pre-existing characters (Reginald LaKino et al), and writing short stories rather than a novel. I think this qualifies me as … Continue reading

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October’s Full Moon, and Makeup Movies

I forgot to announce it (I’ve really been out of the habit of blogging) but my wife and I watched The Wolfman (the Lon Chaney, Jr. version) for this month’s Full Moon Monster Movie. To make up for the fact … Continue reading

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Full Moon Failure

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Life happens, and we missed the full moon this month. I didn’t just forget to blog about it, my wife and I were unable to observe our monthly tradition due to a family … Continue reading

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Blogroll Roll Call #8: Adventures in Querying

Today, I’ll be recommending to you a blog by a friend of mine, Melissa. That intro may seem familiar, but this is a different Melissa. This time, I’m featuring Melissa Dickerson‘s blog, Adventures in Querying. The previous Melissa writes non-fiction. … Continue reading

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