Solo Vacation, Day Two

Today was a day of successes and failures. I did manage to find some seedy bars last night, and as a result was out later than I probably should have been, considering I wanted to be up at 5am New Mexico time (which, for me, feels like 4am). I woke up, looked at what I’d had planned, realized it would require driving most of the way back to Albuquerque, and decided that sleep was more important. It was probably the right call, but I’ll have to plan for the Pueblo Rebellion celebration next year.

Similarly, I was misinformed about how late the Santa Fe County Fair would go this evening. I suppose I should have been suspicious of the website that indicated the last night of the fair went until 10pm. Live and learn, I suppose.

But I thoroughly explored the plaza and the railyard today and last night. I got some great ideas. Tomorrow is set to be my “mundane” day. Where does Sam buy groceries? Where does Laura work out? What does a courtroom in Santa Fe look like?

/Green Bandit out.

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  1. Chris says:

    And, most importantly, where does one go for a good hangover remedy.

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