Solo Vacation, Day One

Clouds hanging low have been closing in on me all day, threatening rain, but the downpour didn’t hit until I reached my hotel room in Santa Fe. The normally bright New Mexican sky is solid grey, which doesn’t bode well for my idea to walk half a block down to investigate the local Good Will. I’ve been waiting out the storm, trying once again to mend the busted strap on my laptop bag. Having to carry it like a breif case for the last year or so has been inconvenient, especially over any distance. My sewing skills are woefully inadequate, and apparently so was the needle I was using, which snapped. I should probably get myself a thimble at some point, too. I’m going to have to resort to paying a professional.

My goal tonight is to locate the seediest bar in Santa Fe. You know, for research. Wish me luck!

/Green Bandit out.

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