Vicarious Exhaustion

It has been a long week. And I wasn’t even at Comicon.

I have not yet recovered from looking at everyone else’s pictures of San Diego Comicon 2013. So exhausting. I’m worn out from thinking about standing in line, emotionally drained from imagining maneuvering my way through those crowded hallways, past Ewoks, Vulcans, Timelords (Time Lords? Lords of Time?), Hobbits, Elves, Avengers, and whatever Homestuck is just for a cup of coffee. I’m vicariously beat from sympathizing with the multi-hour car/plane/train/scooter journeys undertaken last weekend. One would think that having a week to recover would be enough, but no. I had to go right back to work on Monday, like the whole magical weekend hadn’t happened to someone else. Like I hadn’t spent every night this week watching hours and hours of YouTube footage of panels I didn’t attend.


That must be why, on this Friday evening, I am home with the dogs and cat, watching Daily Show and Colbert footage, and thinking longingly of sleep. It’s totally not what I’d do otherwise.

/Green Bandit Out.

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2 Responses to Vicarious Exhaustion

  1. John Little says:

    The problem with Time Lords is that Doctor Who isn’t the only franchise to use that term. (Though, admittedly, they’re the one that everyone’ll think of when the phrase is used.)

    And the phrase “whatever Homestuck is” seems especially apt since even the creator of it seems a bit flabbergasted when he tries to describe it.

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