There’s No Such Thing as Superheroes [Excerpt]

Excerpt from …Superheroes by WHR Soland

“Absolutely not, Sam,” Reggie said, waving his hand at me.

“Hear her out,” I pled.

“What’s to hear?” Reggie asked. “You said it’s another missing kid. That’s all I need to know. Do you remember what happened the last time?”

“You haven’t had a case since the last time, son” I pointed out. Reggie gave me a withering look. Reginald LaKino was a private detective. I was his landlord. The “last time” to which he referred was the missing-persons case he’d had two months earlier. He claimed it had been a disaster. I was growing weary of building the kid’s confidence about it. He hadn’t screwed up that badly. Besides, rent was due.
“You did find that boy,” I continued.

“Dead,” he replied.

“If it makes you feel better, he was probably already like that when Lupé hired you.” Reggie just stared at me. “C’mon, Sherlock,” I sighed. “Laura would really appreciate the favor.”

“Oh,” Reggie glared at me. “If it would help your new girlfriend out, then of course I’ll walk straight into another royally epic fail.”

“We’re not—”

“She wants to be. This is how it goes, Sam. The cute young attorney from legal aid offers to help the rakish, wealthy widower to study for the Bar. They spend late nights together, then she starts asking for favors. Before you know it, you can get a personalized license plate for your Jag that reads ‘Sugar Daddy.’”

“You think I’m rakish?” I blinked.

“It’s fine if you want to be generous with your own time, money, and emotions, Sam. Just leave me out of it.”

“You need a job, Reggie.”

“And your non-profit friend is going to pay me?” He arched his eyebrow.

“If you take the job, you’ll get paid.” Reggie’s brown eyes flashed yellow at me. He snarled. I knew the full moon was coming soon. I knew what would happen then. He would spend three nights locked in my basement in the form of a hulking, supernatural coyote. Nevertheless I met his gaze. He knew that if he bit me, he wouldn’t be getting his pet deposit back.

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