At Long Last, Reggie’s Shorts!

Greetings Reggiphiles! Regheads? Solanders? Green Bandits? What’s the collective term for a Reginald LaKino fan? Anyway, hello. It’s been two years since I first published Little Lost Dogs on this site, and people have often asked me for two things: 1) a hard copy of the book; and 2) more of Sam and Reggie. While a “dead tree” edition of Little Lost Dogs is not yet a reality, I can offer you three short tales of Reggie’s adventures, exclusively in printed form! These three tales, “…Superheroes,” “…Ghost Riders in the V.C.,” and “…Dogs Playing Poker,” will appear in the upcoming collection of short stories I’m working on called “There’s No Such Thing as….” And they are all now available for you to purchase in the Green Bandit Press Store!

I hope to add more to the store over the coming weeks, but I figured it was high time I put these up here. They have only previously been available for sale at last year’s TusCon. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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