Phoenix Comicon 2013!

I should have posted this earlier. It’s been a busy five or six months since I posted last. And most of that had nothing to do with writing or getting anything useful done for this site. But now Convention Season is officially on us, and I need to make an announcement:

I will be at Phoenix Comicon 2013!

I will not, however, have a table at Phoenix ComiCon. Nor will I be a guest. I will be a moderator. I’ve been told not to blog or post about the Con during the Con, but hey, the Con doesn’t start until noon today, so I’m posting now.

Here’s my schedule:

  • Friday
    • 10:30am, Room 121: Walter Koenig
    • 1:30pm, Room 132: Brandon Sanderson and the Wheel of Time
  • Saturday
    • Noon, Room 129B: Hell’s Kitty: How to Turn a Web Series into a Comic Book on a Shoestring Budget
    • 3:00pm, Room 125A: Hell’s Kitt! the Comic
  • Sunday
    • 4:30pm, Room 129A: K9 – From the Screen to this Panel

I’ll post my thoughts Monday, after it’s all done. Come see me!

/Green Bandit Out.

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