TusCon Wrap Up

It took me longer to recover from TusCon than I thought it would. That’s okay. Some day life will intervene, and I won’t be posting at all for a while, and if my posting is regular now then it’ll make that day easier for you all to spot.

TusCon was a blast. I met lots of great new people, and actually made a few sales! Who knew anyone would like my work?

My only criticism was the the size. I didn’t discover until about a month before the convention that they deliberately limit the attendance to 500 to keep it “intimate.” And it was intimate. And I do feel like I got to know some people better than I would have if attendance had been, say, two or three times that number.

But the other thing I didn’t know until shortly before the convention was that, a week earlier, Tucson Comic-Con was happening. Somehow, in all my research of conventions in Arizona, “Tucson Comic-Con” never came up. Granted, it’s not as established as TusCon, being only 5 years old this year instead of 39.

But that got me to thinking. I spent the week leading up to TusCon in Tucson, getting ready. A lot of it was stuff I could have done well in advance, but hadn’t. Like getting licensed to do business in Tucson. Now that I know how all this stuff works, perhaps… perhaps I could travel to Tuscon Comic-Con, and then do TusCon, staying the week in between? Obviously the biggest problem with this plan is that I have no idea whether the two conventions will be so close together next year. For all I know, they’ll overlap.

By the beginning of next week, I hope to have a store up on this site so that you all out there in internet land can peruse my overstock. Some of it’s pretty cool. What I have the most of is hard copies of short stories that are continuations from “Little Lost Dogs.” Let me know whether you’re interested!

And don’t forget, “Little Lost Dogs” is now available in eBook form!

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