TusCon: Day One

It’s late, I’m exhausted, but I had a blast at the first day of TusCon39. I spoke with so many kind, intelligent, awesome people this afternoon. I met Steve Martindale, who, according to himself and Wikipedia, invented the term “technomancy.”

I can see why so many people at this convention are returners. They appear to have a film festival going all night! There’s some great and original cosplay. The hospitality suite is excellent (though perhaps not quite as excellent as one I remember from North America Disc World Convention in 2009). I did not get a chance to visit any of the panels, but I heard a lot of good things.

I’m just an independent, self-published author, but I was treated with kindness and respect by the convention staff.

And a guy dressed as Harry Dresden told me that Jim Butcher may be returning to TusCon next year….

More tomorrow!

PS: You know some kind of late night shenanigans are about to ensue when you hear a car door slam at one end of the alley, and then the sound of running footsteps coming from the other end, accompanied by a voice shouting “Wait! Wait! Wait wait wait!” Maybe Harold & Kumar are going to Nogales?

Don’t forget “Little Lost Dogs” is now available for Kindle and Nook!

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