Thoughts on Animal Companionship

As promised, I consumed a good deal of alcohol last night. This isn’t a political website, so I won’t go into which races I drank to celebrate, and which I drank to forget. I spent most of today recovering, working on this here website, and watching our cat, Zoe Malaza, race randomly around the house in search of who-knows-what.

Zoe likes it here in Tucson, with my wife. She is, just barely, the newest addition to our household. We adopted her days after we got Ricardo Ancho, AKA “Ricky,” our second dog. Our older dog, Anaheim Bell, AKA “Ana,” never got along with the cats before. So when we discovered that Zoe was being fostered with bloodhounds, we were quite excited. And we were right to be. She plays, sleeps, and eats with our dogs. I know, I know, cats shouldn’t eat dog food, and we do try to discourage it, but what’s amazing to me is that when she tries, the dogs don’t rebuff her.

A while back, we thought it would be nice for Zoe to come down to Tucson and visit with my wife while she’s going to school. She hasn’t made it back to Flagstaff yet. This weekend she made it as far north as Phoenix before I came down, picked them both up, and drove them back down to Tucson. And I as worried about this.

I was worried because I didn’t know whether she might somehow forget our dogs. Or if the dogs would somehow forget her. Luckily, I’d brought the dogs with me to Phoenix (they’re staying with their grandparents and their Uncle Chile). Zoe remembered them. They remembered Zoe. There was some nervousness at first on the cat’s part. I think she was overwhelmed by the exuberance with which Ana and Ricky greeted her. But within days they were once again sharing beds and food.

Some people say cats don’t like anyone. Some people say dogs love everyone. But I know that Ana doesn’t get along with most cats. So it is amazing to me that this cross-species friendship continues to blossom. It makes me feel happy just to watch them all sleep, sometimes.

Good night.

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