Four Days ’til TusCon

It’s Monday night, November 5th. That means:

  • There are fewer than nine hours before the polls open here in Arizona
  • There are fewer than twenty-two hours before the polls close here in Arizona
  • This time tomorrow night I’ll most likely be drinking to celebrate, drinking to drown my sorrows, or drinking because there’s still no clear election results
  • There are fewer than four days left until TusCon, the very first Convention where Green Bandit Press will have a booth!

As I write this, my lovely wife has already fallen asleep. Not hundreds of miles away as she was the last time I blogged, but beside me. She’ll most likely wake up when I close the computer and turn off the lights. It feels good to be in the same house again. Tomorrow we vote here in Flagstaff, then high-tail it down to Tucson to prepare for the convention.

This site may go down for a bit in the next few days, or start looking really funny, as I try to make it look a bit more presentable for the convention. I also plan to roll out a few more items of interest between now and Friday afternoon when the Convention gets underway.

Good night.

Don’t forget “Little Lost Dogs” is now available for Kindle and Nook!

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