Little Lost Dogs: Moving Into Phase Two

My wife and I spent the weekend up at the Grand Canyon. For me, it was a good way to unwind after a stressful week at work, and posting the last chapter of Little Lost Dogs. For her, it was a two day break from the two week mandatory training she’s attending at the Grand Canyon. Her job is awesome in many ways.

We had a great time, spending more money and eating more than we should have at El Tovar Lodge, visiting some of the on-site museums, and hiking. Did you know that not every trail at the Grand Canyon leads to the bottom? It’s true. The trail we took was sparsely populated, especially compared to the South Kaibab trail. It seemed less steep than the South Kaibab, too. No, I’m not going to post the name of the trail here. I want it to remain uncrowded and idyllic, for when I return.

I’m wondering about many things as this website enters into a new phase. At the moment, I’m wondering whether it was a mistake not to get a table at Copper Con this coming weekend. On the one hand, it’s a book-oriented convention, it profiles local authors, and it’s theme this year seems to be monsters. A book about a werecoyote detective, would seem to fit in perfectly. On the other hand, I don’t have any merchandise right now: no dead tree copies of the book, no prints of Adriel’s art, no t-shirts printed up to look like Reggie’s.

Which leads me to the next thing I’m wondering about: are you all interested? How many of you would want a shirt like the one Reggie wears in the Chapter One image?

Illustration by Adriel Begay
How about Chapter Twelve?
Illustration by Adriel Begay
How many of you would come to a convention if you knew I was going to be there, selling stuff? What kind of stuff would you like to see me selling?

I know you all are out there, so this is your chance to be heard. Either respond in the comments below, or at

Until Next Time

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