Chapter Thirteen… and Epilogue

Illustration by Adriel Begay

What are you doing here? Don’t read the blogpost yet! Read Chapter Thirteen, Night of the Werefox, first. Then, read the Epilogue. No, I’m serious, read it. Then, come back, and read the rest of this post.

Welcome back. Welcome to the end. I hope you’ve had as much fun reading Little Lost Dogs as I had writing it. I hope you’ve enjoyed Adriel Begay’s illustrations as much as I have. I’ve spent so much time focused on writing the book, editing the book, setting up the site, and making it run (relatively) smoothly, that I don’t think it ever really clicked with me that this was it. It’s done. It’s out there. Anyone in the world with internet access can read my book now, for free.

Of course, there’s still work left to do. I’d like to make the book available to purchase for eReaders. Somewhere, in the far off future, there’s the possibility of a dead-tree edition that you can take on an airplane and read even when all electronic devices must be turned off. One or two of you reading this have expressed a desire to read more about Reggie and Sam. I must admit, I like that idea.

So please, watch this space. I’ll keep blogging. I’ll keep watching monster movies. I’ll keep you all updated on my next writing project.

Until next time.

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