Blogroll Roll Call #5: The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Today on Blogroll Roll Call I’m featuring The Pioneer Woman Cooks, by Ree Drummond. It’s not the only blog on her site, but it’s the one I read. I don’t know Ree Drummond personally, she doesn’t blog about writing, or about geekery, or about online entertainment. Her only connection to my werecoyote detective story — and to me — is that she loves food. She takes gorgeous pictures as she cooks, and makes some great down-home dishes.

Why I Bookmarked It
Initially, I bookmarked The Pioneer Woman Cooks because my wife (at the time, my girlfriend) wanted me to. It was primarily the food at first, but when we realized that she often gave away brand new Kitchen Aid stand mixers or Le Creuset cookware, we knew we had to get in on these contests. So I bookmarked this site out of Gluttony and Greed. Mostly gluttony, since the greed for the new mixer and cook wear was born out of my desire for more delicious food.

When I decided to propose, I had a dinner all planned, and the side dish was to be Ree Drummond’s Olive Cheese Bread from this site. It turns out that the heavily spread, down-home, ranch-house bread didn’t really match with the more delicate pasta dish I’d dreamed up for the main course, but that was okay. It was okay because I actually ended up serving the dinner the night after I proposed (a story for a later time), and because the bread was fantastic. Whether it matched the main course wasn’t a huge concern for me, or my (at that point) fiancée.

Why I Still Read It
Unlike Amanda Jennison’s Front Toward Enemy, I don’t fully read every single post on this site. And I certainly don’t need the giveaways anymore. We got lots of cook wear, including some gorgeous Le Creuset, from the guests at our wedding. And my Mother-in-Law gave us her old Viking stand mixer a while ago. So the giveaways aren’t such a big deal anymore, and besides, those are now usually done through The Pioneer Woman’s sister site Tasty Kitchen. So why do I still read this blog? Why is it still bookmarked?

Well, for starters, she’s got a lot of old “how-to” posts that explain some cooking techniques that I find helpful. Of course, there’s also the pretty pictures. Food porn, really. But more than that, Ms. Drummond is sometimes a tad uncanny when it comes to her posts. This week my wife and I were trying to find ways to cut down on our grocery bill, so we were looking at bean dishes (to cut down on meat, which is expensive). Low and behold, the next day, Ms. Drummond posts a Spicy Beans recipe. Of course, it has ham hock in it, which sort of defeats the whole “don’t spend money on animal bits” goal, but hey. It was pretty darned cool.

Why You Should Read It
If you don’t like funny, beautifully photographed, detailed but simple instructions on making delicious food, then perhaps this blog has nothing to offer you. But if, like me, you are at least a little intrigued by any blogger whose motto is “plowing through life in the country… one calf nut at a time,” I recommend you take a look at this blog.

Until next time.

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  1. Rosni says:

    Thank you!!!! In these hard economic times,its alayws a tough thing to give. And give you did! The Nex is a great story!!! Thanks for posting it here for all to enjoy. I’ll certainly try to get the e-book if I can.

    • Greenbandit says:

      Sorry I am just getting around to reviewing comments now. It looks like this was originally marked as spam. If you’re real, I’m glad to have you as a fan!

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