Blogroll Roll Call #3: Websnark

Welcome back to Blogroll Roll Call.

Eric Burns-White has returned with a new Websnark site. As he was before on his original and now defunct Websnark site, the man is incredibly prolific. It shouldn’t be surprising. You’ve heard of people who burn their candles at both ends. This blogger got married at some point while writing the old blog, and went from a man who simply Burns, to a man who actually Burns-White, like magnesium. Websnark is a blog about comics, normally about webcomics. Recently, he’s been blogging a lot about DC’s New 52, specifically because of the current controversy over the lack of non-WASP male characters and creators in comics. If you’re not familiar with the controversy, you can read the Websnark synopsis here.

Why I Bookmarked It
I originally bookmarked the old Websnark blog because I am a total webcomic addict. I have scores of them bookmarked. Once I’ve exhausted the blogs that I’ve listed in the Blogroll, I might start a Webcomics Roll Call feature on this site. Websnark being, generally, a blog about webcomics appealed to me.

Why I Still Read It
Mr. Burns-White did not only have insightful commentary on comics I already read and enjoyed like PVP and xkcd. The site also helped me find new comics to read, such as Least I Could Do, and the now defunct Ozy and Millie. Even if Burns-White wasn’t posting about these comics actively, the links and descriptions were there, broken into lists that were loosely organized by updating time. Back in college, this was a very useful time-killing tool for me.

This explains why I kept checking back again and again for updates, even when the site stopped updating some time in 2010. I’ve bookmarked the new site because I’m hopeful. Burns-White is already back into providing the type of commentary he’s famous for at the new website. And I do enjoy reading it. But the new site lacks the laundry lists of webcomics that the old site had. To make matters worse, those lists are now gone from the old site, too. I suppose everything, eventually changes. I do hope some of that will come back, perhaps in a new form.

Why You Should Read It
These days Burns-White is blogging about comics in general, and delving into political commentary within that realm. If you don’t follow webcomics, you can always enjoy the insight into print comics, or the political aspect, or his occasional foray into video game blogging. You may discover something out there that you were always ready to be a fan of, but never knew existed.

Until Next Time

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7 Responses to Blogroll Roll Call #3: Websnark

    • Greenbandit says:

      It needed to be said.

      • Chris Laguna says:

        Did it? Did it really? Really?

        • Greenbandit says:

          Yes, it was burning a hole in my pocket.

        • Omar says:

          I really ejoyned this post.My parents practically raised me on comic books. However, I grew up with a lot of kids who were forbidden to read comics.Many of these people don’t read anything now that they are adults, comics or otherwise. This is only anecdotal evidence, but I think the point is relevant.Also scary: I spent the fall traveling around the province of Saskatchewan in a van with a bunch of artists, teaching workshops to kids in small towns. Sometimes I would be in a room of Grade 4s who had never read a comic in their life.Yikes. What’s happening to today’s youth? Grumble Grumble, in my day, gol durn it

          • Greenbandit says:

            I’m sorry it took me so long to approve your post. I don’t often have time to moderate the site, and most posts have been spam. This one appears to be genuine, though. If I’m wrong, I’ll be embarrassed, but you seem to be a real person.

  1. Chris Laguna says:

    Also, have you ever read the Comics Curmudgeon? He mocks and deconstructs comics, particularly legacy and soap opera comics, like Mark Trail, Mary Worth, etc. Updates Monday through Friday, and has one post a week where it’s only reader comics. Good stuff, worth checking out, I think.

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