Chapter Nine

Illustration by Adriel Begay

Happy Friday, and as July draws to a close, I proudly present Little Lost Dogs Chapter Nine: The Stalker.

Some of you may have missed my blog posts earlier this week. Perhaps you only read the site on Fridays. Perhaps you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook. Perhaps you’ve been confused by the fact that I always leave the most recent chapter post stuck to the top of the page, with newer blog posts beneath it. Be confused no longer!

This week I finally published my review of July’s Full Moon Monster Movie, Little Shop of Horrors. I also started a new feature called Blogroll Roll Call, a breakdown of the blogs I read, and why you should read them, too. Blogroll Roll Call #1 was about Jonathan Simon’s Lighting Octopus, which chronicles geek happenings in my home state of Arizona. Blogroll Roll Call #2 dealt with my friend Amanda Jennison’s blog about making food, love, and war, Front Toward Enemy.

There will be more Blogroll Roll Call next week, and I’ll see you all again next Friday for Chapter 10.

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