Blogroll Roll Call #2: Front Toward Enemy

Hey, look. A second installment of Blogroll Roll Call! Today we’re looking at Front Toward Enemy, by Amanda Jennison. Amanda blogs about food, life, love, and her upcoming nuptials. She also blogs about what it’s like to love someone who is currently serving in the armed forces. Her fiancé is not currently abroad, but he was, and he only returned recently.

Why I Bookmarked It
I’ll be honest. I originally bookmarked this blog because the author, Amanda, is a friend of mine. She and my wife were coworkers a few years ago, before she moved back to the other side of the country. And despite living on the other side of the country, she attended our wedding earlier this year. Amanda and I share a love of pirates, and of food. She blogs plenty about the latter, not so much about the former. Back when I first bookmarked the blog it was called “Like a Fat Kid Loves…” and the individual posts had clever titles that completed the sentence in the name of the blog. “Like a Fat Kid Loves… Mmm Donuts,” for instance, or “Like a Fat Kid Loves… Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting,” or even “Like a Fat Kid Loves… Hot Buttery Rage (and Pumpkin Muffins)”. The name of the blog changed when Amanda’s focus changed from food-specific blogging to the broader issues of her life at home while her fiancé (then boyfriend) was away serving. But as her most recent post shows, she still blogs about food from time to time.

Why I Still Read It
Being my friend isn’t enough to keep me reading a blog, and it certainly isn’t enough to post it here on the website. I still read Amanda’s blog because she updates reasonably often, and the recipes she posts make my mouth water. I do like to know what’s going on with my friends across the country. But take a look at my Blogroll and let’s be honest: I’m really here for the food.

Why You Should Read It
The food, people, the food. That may seem like I’m selling my friend’s personal experiences short, but let us face the facts: you don’t know her yet. You’ll get to know her, through her posts. And she’s a wonderful person to get to know. But I’m telling you, you need to bookmark Front Toward Enemy today because of the food.

I know that some days it seems like there are millions of cooking-related blogs out there. I’d like to make two points about that, though: 1) can you ever really have too many options for finding a good recipe? and 2) food blogging is harder than it looks. I know. I’ve tried it. I’ve made a couple of dishes while obsessively photographing every single step along the way. What’s that you say? You haven’t ever seen them posted here? Good point. That’s because half the time the pictures don’t look nearly as good as I thought they would. My poor kitchen cleaning habits are partially to blame here. Even when the pictures are good, I don’t have the time or inclination to upload all of them from the camera, pick out the good photos, upload those to the internet, and describe my step by step process. Heck, by the time I’ve gotten around to uploading photos to my own computer a few months have generally passed. So give Amanda’s food blogging a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed. You may leave hungry, you may leave with a new appreciation for the trials and tribulations of an Army bride, but you won’t leave empty handed.

Until Next Time

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  1. Amanda says:

    I hear you loud and clear! More food… and more pirates!


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