Chapter Seven (and Full Moon news)

Illustration by Adriel Begay

It’s time once again for a new chapter. As you can see from Adriel’s illustration above, Chapter Seven involves Detective Street showing Reggie that he has something on his shirt. They’re quickly becoming fast friends, right?

Tonight’s the full moon, but my wife is working late. These things happen, and we knew about it in advance. We’ve given ourselves some wiggle room on the “Full Moon” date for this very reason. Much as lycanthropes transform on the nights preceding and following the full moon, we allow ourselves to watch our monster movie on any of the three nights when the moon is at its fullest. So, tomorrow night we’ll be watching Little Shop of Horrors. If things go well, we’ll watch both versions!

One more thing: if any of you have visited the Table of Contents page, you know it has looked pretty messy. I’ve cleaned it up a bit. Not a huge overhaul or anything, just a few more html tags to make it cleaner.

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