July’s Full Moon

Yes, next Friday, July 15, marks another full moon. Some of you may have been confused a month ago, when I first posted about my family’s Full Moon Monster Movie tradition. “What relevance does this have to Green Bandit Press, or Little Lost Dogs?” Now that we’re past Chapter Four, hopefully most of you know just how relevant our monthly movie tradition is.

This month, my wife and I are planning to watch Little Shop of Horrors. It’s been a long time since either one of us has seen it. We both found ourselves thinking about it the other day, so it’s on the list. However, feel free to try to dissuade us in the comments below!

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7 Responses to July’s Full Moon

  1. Amy P says:

    Which version? The original, or the one that came out in the 80s with Rick Moranis?

  2. Chris Laguna says:

    Heh…if you DO watch them back to back, you’ll be seeing two jokers get their comeupances!

    • Greenbandit says:

      Hmmm… you clearly know something I don’t. I see Nicholson in the cast list of the 60’s version, but who do you mean from the 80’s version? And hey, shouldn’t there have been a 00’s version?

      • Chris Laguna says:

        I was going for two meanings of joker: The first, and most obvious, in this case, being Batman’s nemesis. The other is the simpler “One who jokes.” The former being Nicholson, the latter, Martin.

        It was a pun, or play on words.

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