Chapter Five

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Illustration by Adriel Begay

Happy July 1st! Chapter Five, Reginald LaKino Investigates, is now online. Green Bandit Press has now been live for over a month, and I am very grateful to all of the readers who have stuck with us this long. I’d like to give an extra special thanks to those of you who have told friends about this site.

That said, I’d like to build up Reginald LaKino’s web presence a little bit. As of the time I’m writing this, Green Bandit Press has 11 “likes” on FaceBook. I’d like that to be higher. I’m not greedy, and I know these things take time. But I also know that there are more than 11 of you reading this book. If you’ve been enjoying the ride, if you’ve liked Little Lost Dogs so far, please let the world know by hitting the “like” button on the right hand side of this site, or visiting Green Bandit Press’s FaceBook page here.

As a (very) little incentive, I’m willing to post Chapter Six a little early. Specifically, if I can double my FaceBook followers by July 6th, I’ll post Chapter 6 on Thursday the 7th instead of Friday the 8th. Whaddya say? Are you game?

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  1. karen sartain says:

    Ok William…..either I’m extremely challenged this morning (I did get up early to feed Boomer & water the garden) or the link for chapter 5 just takes you only to a large version of the image…help me, I need my reading fix ;D

  2. karen sartain says:

    ok…nevermind said in my best Emily Litella voice…I, um…found the link bar on the right…I’ll be reading now 🙂

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