June’s Full Moon Part II

Last week, I wrote to tell you all about our monthly tradition of the Full Moon Monster Movie Night. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with suggestions! The movie my wife and I will be watching this Wednesday, June 15th, was suggested by reader Amy P, and stars Vincent Price. The movie?

William Castle’s 1959 film, The Tingler. We won’t have “Percepto,” the buzzers that director Castle had installed in movie theaters to help frighten his audiences. But we will have a cat, and plenty of popcorn. Of course, this assumes that the US Postal Service operates properly, and brings our movie on time. If not, we’ll let you know what the back up is as soon as possible.

We hope some of you will join us and watch along with us at your own homes. I’ll post my review of the movie as soon as is practicable, and I’ll want to know what you all thought, too!

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  1. Amy P says:


    What do I win? 😉

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